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These Clippings are from the 50s to 80s during his Career
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Preston Herald

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If hometruths are unwelcome, then don't invite them, because they are what Zaraeda offers in his demonstrations of Clairvoyance.
TOLD THE BLINDFOLDED 'Z' IN ONE SENSATIONAL SHOW I WATCHED. 'I SEE TWO RINGS MADAM, HAVE YOU BEEN MARRIED TWICE? NO NO NO WAS THE REPLY FROM HIS VOLUNTARY SUBJECT. BUT THE MAN BY HER SIDE DIDN'T BLUFF. WHY DENY IT, HE SAID, AND WE ALL KNEW THAT ZARAEDA WAS RIGHT AGAIN. This man of many minds has been demonstrating his remarkable powers of LUCID THOUGHT in Preston for the past seven days and THOUSANDS of local folk are the better off for his directives and helpful advice.

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