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This Website is for any one who remembers Zaraeda?.

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I Mark Fleming, have known Johnnie ST George for some time now and am helping him create this site so he can get Zaraeda back into people's memories. We have a Forum for stories about them and for people to talk about them, A Slideshow and Images of them both in thier own sections

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is no 'con'...

I know

by Russell Reader

To say I was Amazed would be untrue I was flabbergasted...                     Newcastle Echo

A crowd puller with a difference...                                                              Stage Magazine

£2.000 predicted for bingo woman...                                                       Newcastle Chronicle

Miracle Baby...                                                                                              Yorkshire Post


has been called a 'con', a cheat, and a trickster but he has been in show business 28 years and is still going strong; no conman lasted 28 years. After talking to him and watching him in action I have concluded that he is the world's greatest clairvoyant.

   It was when he was eleven years of age that it was first realised that Oswald race, as he then was, had extraordinary powers. Visiting a neighbour's house, he asked is mother who the lady was in the coffin below the window. There was no coffin below the window so his question shocked everyone in the room, including his mother and the neighbour. A few days later, the neighbour died and the coffin happened to be placed under the window exactly where he had first seen it. The death was totally unexpected as the neighbour had always enjoyed good health. For some time after this incident his mother tried to discourage her sons incomprehensible powers, but in the end he was sent to a spiritualist Lyceaum where the clairvoyance was developed. On leaving the Lyceaum, he became an all-round entertainer. After the war Zaraeda went into the fairground and joined a travelling show as 'one of the seven miracles of the world'. Thereafter he began entertaining in clubs and theatres.

   From his many public readings, I have followed up a few, and found they were all genuine people and not 'plants'of his in the audience. There was the case of Mrs Caswell who attended one of his performances in Doncaster. Zaraeda told her he saw a child and that it will be born in the New Year. Mrs Caswell laughed.'It's impossible. I've been to all specialists in the country and they have told me that my husband and I will never have children', she said. But Zaraeda insisted that they would. One year later, on New Year's Day. A child was born to this couple. Zaraeda was right; reading gynaecologists were wrong.

During the hey-day of the bingo boom, it was usual to have some sort of variety in the interval, and it was on one of these occasions that Zaraeda told a woman in the audience that she would win. At the end of the second session of bingo she was £2,000 better off!

  So great is the power of this man that he has many links with the police, Scotland Yard and Interpol. There was a case of the missing Birmingham baby, who was the subject of BBC broadcast. Zaraeda's verdict: 'I don't feel the kidnapping; I feel death. Don't look far… Shallow grave'. Two days later, the baby was found in a parents' own back garden under two foot of soil. She could not have been any nearer are in a shallower grave. Zaraeda works with many top businessmen and financiers. I know them but unfortunately their name's cannot be given as it would cause them embarrassment.

 This type of act is, and always will be, controversial. When Zaraeda appeared in Malta, he unfortunately became very good friends with an ex Prime Minister of the country. As a result, he was charged with interfering in Maltese politics and conducting psycho-analytical reading. He was locked up largely because the population of the country had become frightened of his incredible powers.

 Zaraeda has no delusions of grandeur. His main aim is to help people whether they be poor or wealthy. He is sometimes described as ruthless, but in fact he is both kind and helpful. Two people who ask why, if he has such power, he is still working instead of contenting himself with a major win on the pools, he replies that he cannot read himself - only other people. He can only repeat the voices that he hears. Ask him if he is always right in his readings and predictions, and his answer is a definite 'no'. He will only claim 75 to 80% accuracy.

 Everyone has to make up his own mind on whether Zaraeda's powers are genuine are not. As I have already stated, I believe that this man is the world's greatest clairvoyant. But in all other respects he is a normal human being like anybody else, and he will help anyone who asks. It was he who predicted over radio AFN the correct time and date of the late Winston Churchill's death 9 months before it happened. He is no con man. He is genuine.

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